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Be An ~ ADOPTEE ~ Advocate

Be an ADOPTEE advocate
Not an adoption advocate

Be an ADOPTEE advocate ~ Not an adoption advocate

Be an ADOPTEE advocate
Not an adoption advocate

Adopted in the UK

The following’s a direct c’n’p of an email response from myself to “Adoption Czar” <vom> Martin Narey, which occurred as a result of me finally poking him often enough of Twitter to get him to respond. It’s on here because it explains so much of what I’m fighting for, and why.

At some space near in time to 02/10/2012 11:03, Martin Narey swore:

It’s Mx [surname], but please, feel free to call me 7rin[snippage].

Point accepted, however this email address is as old as Gmail (bar a few months), and so it’s not something likely to change in the near future.

I didn’t know you were so limited on the time you’re supposed to spend working on adoption issues, given your (sorry, but it’s appalling) title of Adoption Czar. I did also imagine you would have at least some staff aiding you in your task, however, the nudge on Twitter…

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